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Our Services

Academic tutoring provides a truly collaborative learning environment for  all  students to improve grades or study for their upcoming exams. From subjects  like math to English to chemistry,  HOPE  aims to guide all  students to  academic  success.

Through one-on-one peer advising, HOPE  offers  personal mentorship for students  to  discuss issues that affect them. By  fostering trust and support, peer advisers can provide the much-needed guidance for the students to achieve their dreams.

With numerous topics delving into college  applications,  financial  aid, AP review sessions, and even  time management, HOPE hosts  several workshops throughout the year to help  students  effectively  balance both  academic  and  personal  life.

To dispel confusing  stigmas about higher education, HOPE plans field trips, college tours, as well as three Shadow Days to allow the students to  experience exploring campuses and perhaps  aspire to attend such institutions after high school.