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Introducing Our Wellness Guide

Explore different methods of self-care and how to take care of your mental health.  Look at how to not only eat well and take care of your nutrition but how to also relax while doing that.

What does body image mean to you and how can you practice self-love? Find ways to maintain your fitness and exercise while also keeping a strong work-life balance.

Understand how important your sexual health is and ways to communicate in different kinds of relationships including friends, family, and partners.

Explore what resources are best for you.

What is the Student Ambassador Program?

Our program aims to empower student leaders and increase visibility at our sites. This program is an opportunity for students to strengthen their leadership and advocacy skills and promote academic and holistic growth to HOPE students. Student Ambassadors are expected to exemplify leadership within the HOPE space and contribute to HOPE Mentorship, workshops, and outreach efforts. HOPE Student Ambassadors will utilize collaboration and teamwork to both improve their individual skills and promote the values of the program.

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