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HOPE Internship

Every quarter, HOPE offers an opportunity for UCLA students to learn more about themselves and their communities. The internship program encourages interns to critically think about issues that affect access to higher education, in the context of their own personal identity and history. Interns will engage in deep dialogue around these issues, prompting them to think about their own personal experiences in relation to the topic discussed. HOPE’s internship is an opportunity for students to find a community at UCLA. Most importantly, interns develop both personally and professionally, while making an impact on the lives of others. Through this program, interns will be prepared to take on more leadership roles within HOPE and throughout the wider community. And, interns get 4 UNITS OF UPPER DIVISION CREDIT!

For more information, email our Assitant Project Coordinator, Kaitlyn Vu, at

Click HERE for the application.
DUE: October 10, 2020 at 11:59 PM